How to prepare for JE AE

First of all go through the syllabus for the exam provided on the official website. It will give you a general idea of the topics you need to prepare. Once you have gone through the syllabus write down the topics you have absolutely no idea about and try to start preparing these topics first. This will give you more time to prepare topics that you know nothing about instead of keeping these till the end when you might be tempted to completely skip that topic!

The next step is to get the appropriate books to start your preparation. You need to get the exam books which are designed for the purpose of the exam. Make sure you buy the book for each section of the paper so you do not have to worry about its credibility and AEC classroom notes is very much helpful and are designed purposefully for your success in exams.

It is difficult to plan your day and incorporate study hours if you aren’t used to studying every day. But cracking Exam will need dedication and it is best if you learn time management. Make a study schedule starting with topics you don’t know at all and then mix it up with one familiar topic a week.This will help you to not overburden yourself with something new every day. You need to be careful of sticking to this schedule and being true to yourself. Success doesn’t come easy and so does study.

In case you have a doubt in any topics, don’t keep it pending till the last day. Clear your doubts while you still have them. You will be tempted to give up on a topic because it might seem too difficult but the trick is to not leave out any topic. Be prepared for everything so you can increase your chances of a high score.

Time management applies not only to the time you take out to study but also on how you utilize those 4-5 hours every day. Try to come up with methods to solve questions faster so you wouldn’t be wasting a lot of time during the exam. This will help you answer all the questions within the allotted time.

Work on your speed. Your success in clearing the test depends on those 2 hours that you will be writing the paper. Practice more to improve your speed. Every time you solve a question put yourself on a timer and try to beat your score each time you do it.

Make your weaknesses your strength. This basically means working harder on the topics you find extremely difficult. Remember you have enough and more time to prepare and with regular practice and honest dedication these weaknesses can become your strong areas. Make yourself confident in your weak areas by continuous practice and constant revaluation.

Practice previous years question papers and answer them like you are attempting the real exam. Give yourself 2 hours and try to finish within that time. When you are answering the questions read them properly and only answer those that you are sure about because of the negative marking. Adapting yourself to the exam environment can help take away any fear related to the exam. A lot of candidates fail in the test because they are not able to attempt all the questions. Do not get stuck on a single question and lose out on half the marks. Be wise with your time.

Make practice tests a routine so that you never forget to do them. These will help you get a sense of the questions that will be asked in the exam along with the opportunity to practice them within the allotted time.

Give yourself ample amount of written practice. Try and incorporate study in everything that you do. Find fun ways of studying so you do not get bored. Be focused on your goal and do not let anything shift your focus. A little hard work every day will bring a lot of success for the rest of the years!